Sunday, January 4, 2015

Third New Year's resolution: Be creative!!!

A few weeks ago I gave a webinar on the QUILD program that I designed (and programmed), and while doing the preparations for it, I noticed that I hadn't updated several things in the general release, nor had been adding several new features that I had in mind. (note that the webinar itself can be viewed here)

Apart from that, I also had to prepare some figures and TOCs, which in the past months had become the last item on the list. In this case, I really needed/wanted to make it work because like they say "one good figure tells more than a thousand words". I'm prejudiced here, because my father was working as an accountant in a family-run printer company, where he was involved in the type-setting, design, until the actual printing process. Like him I am working mainly with numbers, and like him I am fascinated by the beauty of design.a

The creation of a beautiful design, be it for a figure in a paper, a TOC entry, a journal cover, a website, etc. is an important process. This is not just so for the final outcome, but also because of the thought process that is involved in it. No successful design has appeared just like that. Some deliberation is involved, after some initial attempts to define the target, and seeing if it works or not (or at least, it works like that in my case).

This creative process helps one to reflect upon the project itself, and I myself have noticed that often some new ideas spring to mind, that could be used either within the same project to make it more complete, or will lead to a completely new project. Creative thinking is at the heart of scientific life, so the third objective for 2015 is: Be creative!

a) the design of my website based on my own photos is my private dedication to his memory

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