Second New Year's resolution: Make 2015 epic!

Today I updated the "Funding" page at my website, where I had to put one European exchange project (CANIOC) and my main national project from Current into Past. If it were not for the COST Action I'm leading (CM1305, ECOSTBio), I would be basically penniless and unable to go anywhere.
Of course, there are proposals under revision, which without any doubt will be granted soon (I'm always optimistic, but also realistic, so way way way back in my mind I'm preparing for the worst), but still I was not happy while I was making the changes (#WelcomeToSpain).

And then I saw a tweet about "3 Steps to make 2015 epic"... The bottom line:

  1. Learn from mistakes and get smarter because of it
  2. Set one big goal, and make it work
  3. Do something out of the ordinary every day on your path to realizing step 2

Funny thing is, this comes in sync with Jamie Oliver ("the naked chef") who has a new interesting initiative: the YOU-app:

@getyouapp is about simple micro-actions. Launched today with @jamieoliver! Download from here: #youappwithjamie
01/01/2015 15:47

Every-day micro-actions in order to help people "make change happen in their own life". As they mention on the AppStore:

What’s our philosophy?
At YOU-app, we believe in micro-action.
Change doesn’t just happen one morning. Your life is the sum of all those small actions and habits you do every day.
With YOU-app we want to empower you to make change happen,
because every choice you make is significant.

Two different approaches, but with the same goal. I'm already committed: 2015 will be epic!!!!

I'm cheating a little bit, because I know 2015 will be epic:
1) COST Action meetings in Marseille and Belgrade, and summer-school in Groningen
2) Wiley book on "Spin states in biochemistry and inorganic chemistry"
3) Preparations for a splendid Girona Seminar 2016
4) Annual meeting of theoretical chemistry groups in Girona
5) Wonderful science taking place with nice results (and papers)
6) PhD scholarship for Adrià Romero
7) Marie Curie fellowship for Ferran Feixas
8) etc.
9) etc.
[points 6-9 will become clear during the year :-)]

This blog post is indeed inspired by these two initiatives :-)

Update (4/1/2015):
Today we read a moving piece in a Dutch newspaper, Trouw, about the Dutch actress Isa Hoes. She was married to (arguably) the best Dutch actor of the past twenty years, Antonie Kamerling, and unfortunately is now widow after he took his own life four years ago after a long time of depression.
The most important of this interview is about her own life, and the choices she made, or rather refused to make. Similar to the the 'micro-actions' of the YOU-app or the "Gumption"-approach, it is all about letting go of the fears for failure... She mentions two examples, one metaphorical of standing at the edge of a swimming pool and hesitating to jump in ("just do it, you will notice you will be able to keep your head up"), another more practical experience which she had with Antonie: when you see something you want to do (a night out, a dinner, a theatre), make the arrangements, buy the tickets and don't worry about a baby-sitter (or dog-sitter), this will sort itself out in the end. In the end, it's the same philosophy returning again and again: Make it happen, make 2015 epic!

Update2 (14/2/2015):
I have filled in points 6 and 7 above, because in the past couple of weeks we've had some good news about a PhD scholarship for Adrià Romero, and a Marie-Curie fellowship for Ferran Feixas. Congrats! Let's make 2015 epic!


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