Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marie Curie fellowships: Come to Girona

The European Union has opened the call for the next Marie Curie fellowships.

With these fellowships you could come to the beautiful city of Girona, to work in the Institut de QuĂ­mica Computacional. We are a strong team of computational chemists that study a variety of different chemical, biological and physical systems.

There are two different fellowships to join our team, depending on your current situation:
- International Incoming Fellowship (IIF), for when you are currently working outside the EU
- Intra-European Fellowship (IEF), for when you are currently working within the EU

Please note, only candidates with strong CV and publication record are normally awarded by the EU, so if you think about joining our group, please contact me first.

The deadline is in both cases: 11 August 2011.

Popularity poll DFT2011

Last year we held the first of an annual series of popularity polls of density functionals. We have just opened the 2011 edition, which will be open from June 1 until October 1.

Please participate!!!

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