Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Popularity poll density functionals 2010 (DFT2010)

We have recently hosted the IXth Girona Seminar, which had Density Functional Theory as one of the topics. One of the things that came up was the popularity of current density functionals, and how these could be used to generate a "consensus" DFT method by taking a linear combination of a number of popular DFT methods.

This "consensus" method will probably be more accurate than the GFSRPM method that was also revealed during the conference, and therefore we have setup a popularity poll for density functional methods for the year 2010.

The number of density functionals is limited by choice to 20, with 5-10 places reserved for additional suggestions; in future editions this may be extended. Please add your choice for the best (and worst) density functional at:


The poll is open until Oct. 1 after which a ranking will be made.

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