Thursday, November 6, 2014

Results of the #DFT14poll

Finally we have been able to present the results of the DFT popularity poll. This year is a special year, because it is the 5th edition of the poll.
Results for 5th DFT poll (2014)
Because of this special year, we have added to the news-item some additional sections where we give a historical account, describe anecdotes and report on the current and future status of the poll. We had also asked several experienced researchers in the field whether they were in favor or against the poll. Their responses can be read both in the news-item and at the Nature Chemistry blog: since it is a special year for the DFT poll, the team of Nature Chemistry was so kind to let us write a guest piece on their blog.

Finally, a new image was added to the news-item, which resulted from a recent study by one of us (Chem. Commun. 201349, 6650; the Fe(IV)-oxo complex was first published by M√ľnck, Nam, Que and co-workers in Science 2003299, 1037).
Is it a fly? A helicopter? No! It is a famous Fe(IV)-oxo complex

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