Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer conferences

This summer I have been to a number of conferences:

- XXVII Reunió Anual de la XRQTC in Tarragona
- WATOC'11 in Santiago de Compostela
- Reunión Bienal de la RSEQ in Valencia
- ICBIC'15 in Vancouver

At all conferences there were many, many interesting talks, just to mention a few names: Ken Houk, Henry Rzepa, Adoración Quiroga, Miquel Costas, Harry Gray, Sason Shaik, Max Holthausen, Luigi Casella, Prashant Kamat, Jesús Ugalde, Peter Gill, Pau Ballester, etc. etc.
The topics ranged wide as well, from DNA to iron-complexes, to methodology, to neurological disorders, molecular cages, etc.

Some of the topics brought forward on these meetings will be discussed here in the coming weeks.

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