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Como agua para chocolate

As I already explained in my TEDxUdG talk, people here in Catalunya are really really fond of chocolate, and I am also one of them (every morning I have to have my sandwich with hagelslag). Therefore, when @SeeArrOh organized the #ChemMovieCarnival I immediately knew which movie to discuss here: Como agua para chocolate. And this is because Chemistry is "just like cooking", as SeeArrOh has called his blog about Chemistry. And I agree.

The movie is a beautiful Mexican piece of art about a love that was not meant to be (or rather.. well, you'll have to watch the movie, I will not spoil the details), between Tita and Pedro. Since Tita was the first-born girl, according to ancient traditions she should take care of her mother; Pedro marries her sister instead just to be close to her.

Now to the Chemistry (and Cooking):
the first scene (after 5m30s) is when the little girls (in particular Tita) are learning from Nacha how water is needed to make chocolate (therefore the title,…