Saturday, April 20, 2013

Como agua para chocolate

As I already explained in my TEDxUdG talk, people here in Catalunya are really really fond of chocolate, and I am also one of them (every morning I have to have my sandwich with hagelslag). Therefore, when @SeeArrOh organized the #ChemMovieCarnival I immediately knew which movie to discuss here: Como agua para chocolate. And this is because Chemistry is "just like cooking", as SeeArrOh has called his blog about Chemistry. And I agree.

The movie is a beautiful Mexican piece of art about a love that was not meant to be (or rather.. well, you'll have to watch the movie, I will not spoil the details), between Tita and Pedro. Since Tita was the first-born girl, according to ancient traditions she should take care of her mother; Pedro marries her sister instead just to be close to her.

Now to the Chemistry (and Cooking):
  1. the first scene (after 5m30s) is when the little girls (in particular Tita) are learning from Nacha how water is needed to make chocolate (therefore the title, although it probably also has a metaphorical meaning for the passion between Tita and Pedro)
  2. the second scene(s), when Tita is preparing the meal for the wedding (15m15s) and is crying, which makes that her tears fall into the food; when the guests are eating the food (19m35s), they suddenly get into a deep melancholy for loved ones and finally are vomiting en masse (20m33s); interesting how human tears can have such a huge effect
  3. in the third scene (27m30s) Tita is preparing a special dinner, especially for Pedro, chicken on rose leaves (yes, you read it correctly)
  4. finally, and this is the most Chemical scene (53m25s), the doctor (whom Tita will later on marry) is explaining in detail to Tita the wonders of Chemistry (phosphor and matches in this case)
For some reason, I can not put fragments of YouTube starting for all these scenes, but can only embed the complete movie:

Therefore I have added pictures of the different scenes, with links that go directly to these scenes (this is possible...).

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