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Unsubmission with Endnote style

If you ever submit a manuscript to Molecular Physics, do not use the Endnote style as provided by Thomson-Reuters (!!!

Instead of placing references in brackets [1], the standard Endnote style does so in superscript2 (and without brackets). Moreover, it not only does so in the text, but also in the reference list.. :-(
(further minor issues: grouping together of references, author names as entered and not by initials)

Because of using this Style, and not checking if it was correct (my mistake!), today our manuscript [3] was "unsubmitted" so I could redo the references and re-submit. Normally, a journal would simply ask for a (technical) revision, but this was the first time a manuscript was "unsubmitted".. Curious.
PS. After doing the revision of the references, it was accepted within the hour. :-)

If you need a better version of the Endnote Style for Molecular Physics, I've put it on my website (note, use the…

Interviewed by high-school students: "I still feel that I’m only just starting, I’m still learning a lot”

As I already described in an earlier entry, in November I went to a secondary school in Vilablareix to give a talk about "I'm a Chemist.....", and was interviewed by three students. It was done in Catalan, which is available at the website of school. Here I have translated it into English: