Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bratislava Declaration for Young Researchers

The future of research is in the hands of young researchers, and therefore the Young Academy of Europe is providing input and advice from a younger generation's perspective – a vital requirement to shape EU-wide Science Policy for the prospering of science in Europe for future generations. One of the most recent outcomes is the Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers.

In the past few months the Slovak Presidency of the EU, together with the European Commission (DG Research) brought together a team of young researchers from different backgrounds to write a Declaration by young researchers raising the concerns of young researchers. The resulting document is a collaborative effort reflecting the views of researchers from different career stages, in different working environments, and in different countries. The main aspirations are:

  1. To enable great people to realise their ideas to understand and improve the world.
  2. To achieve sustainable and transparent career trajectories.
  3. To achieve a diverse, collaborative, inter-disciplinary, open and ethical research environment.
  4. To facilitate a healthy work-life balance.

The full text (pdf) of the Bratislava Declaration can be found at the website of the 2016 Slovak Presidency of the EU, and should be used at national and international levels in science policy where possible.

The Declaration has been explained by Lynn Kamerlin on the Voice of the Researchers, and has been endorsed by e.g. European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas on Twitter, and by others (Future of Research, EurAxess, Kowi, Silicon Republic, etc.).

And now you can endorse the declaration as well! Please go to iPetition and sign the petition (!
NB. iPetition asks for a donation, this is not necessary for being able to sign the petition.

update, Aug. 6, 2016:
The Bratislava Declaration now has its own website as well, with the complete text, and the profiles of the writers of the Declaration.

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