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Fullerenes are fun to play with

Update: Movie added (see below)


I am in a fortunate position, really.

Before I already had two turboladies as PhD-students, Sílvia Osuna and Mireia Güell, both of whom obtained the PhD-defense with maximum grade (excellent cum laude), and both of whom received the Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat en Química (Mireia in 2009, Sílvia in 2010).

See blog entrySee blog entry
And now I have a new one as well: Abril Castro. Abril received a few weeks ago the award for the Best Master Thesis of México in 2012 in the field of Thermodynamics (under supervision of Gabriel Merino), which resulted in part from a research stay she made early 2012 with a European exchange project (CANIOC, FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES). Moreover, at the #DFT2013 conference in Durham she won a IJQC-coffeemug in the #IJQCBingo that was taking place through Twitter during the conference.

Getting back to Sílvia Osuna: around the same time as Abril received the Master award, Sílvia finally received news about her Juan de la Cierva position (3-year postdoc, JdC201…